6 Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Your Dental Crown

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Getting dental crowns is one of the best investments you can make for your oral health. They can conceal a discolored or deformed tooth, restore your best smile, and protect your weak teeth from decay. Dental crowns can also help hold a dental bridge into place. 

Unfortunately, like other things, dental crowns don’t last forever, and they’ll eventually need repairs or replacements, especially if you don’t take care of them. For this reason, you should schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. They’ll examine your mouth and the dental crown to determine the best procedure.

If you want to enjoy the best results from your cosmetic dental appointment, this article will enumerate six red flags your dental crown needs urgent replacement. 

1. Your Dental Crown Is Ten Years Old or Older

When you’ve had your dental crown for more than ten years, it may be necessary to consult your cosmetic dentist for possible replacement. This situation is especially true because the amount you grind your teeth, the material used, and your diet can affect the crown’s longevity. 

While a dental crown usually lasts longer than 15 years, it’s wise to let a dentist check it to ensure it’s still functional. You should also check with your insurance coverage because many companies may cover the cost of a crown replacement as early as five years after your healthcare provider attaches it. 

2. You Have a Damaged Crown 

Manufacturers usually construct dental crowns from different kinds of metals or porcelain. These materials have also become more durable and attractive. However, just because they can withstand daily wear and tear doesn’t make them indestructible. 

Porcelain or porcelain-metal crowns are more likely to suffer damage like chipping or cracking, especially if you’re constantly biting on hard food. When this occurs, you must immediately consult your cosmetic dentist. They can assess the situation and determine if they can fix or construct a new dental crown.  

3. You Experience Receding Gum Lines

While a dental crown can improve your smile, remember that it can also make it easier for bacteria to accumulate near a tooth and potentially cause gum disease. Besides impacting your appearance, receding gums can increase your risk of catching oral health problems. 

You can avoid this issue by practicing good oral hygiene and using an antibacterial mouthwash. You should also schedule an appointment with your dentist when your gum line recedes. They’ll inspect the crown and determine whether to adjust or replace it. 

4. You Experience Pain or Swelling

There’s nothing more distressing than experiencing pain or sensitivity while eating. It can affect how you perform your daily tasks and prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods. And that shouldn’t happen when you get a dental crown. 

You must immediately schedule a dental appointment when you notice discomfort or swelling around the affected tooth. This situation occurs because the crown is too high on the tooth, has signs of damage, is too cold, or needs replacement. 

5. Your Dental Crown Has Noticeable Wear and Tear

If you grind your teeth or practice poor dental hygiene, your dental crown may not look as shiny and new as it once did. Consult your cosmetic dentist immediately because a dull part could indicate an underlying issue. 

6. Your Dental Crown Looks Unsightly

Appearance can be a significant concern for many individuals with dental crowns. A metallic line may appear along the tooth’s edge from porcelain fusing with metal, which can be unsightly. If this becomes concerning, your dentist can provide a new crown to improve its visual appeal. 


Dental crowns can eventually lose their original shine and durability, especially if you constantly grind your teeth or don’t practice good oral hygiene. You can restore its best looks by spotting the signs of damage and consulting reliable cosmetic dentists. 

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