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Mass Dental Associates specialize in meeting the diverse healthcare needs of your entire family. Your children, spouse and parents all have unique mouths filled with different teeth, from baby teeth to brand new adult teeth to decades old fillings and implants. Mass Dental Associates offers restorative, preventive and cosmetic services for all of these teeth, maintaining your family’s oral health and beautiful smiles. Mass Dental Associates has experience offering comprehensive treatment to a wide variety of patients of all ages.

Mass Dental Associates involves a commitment to your convenience. Mass Dental Associates understands that you and your family have busy, complicated schedules. Luckily, Mass Dental Associates provides a one-stop solution to all of your family’s needs, preventing you from scheduling appointments at a dozen specialists all across town. Mass Dental Associates offers flexible appointment schedules in order to accommodate your family’s lives.


Your children’s early visits to the dentist will concentrate on teaching them how important preventive dentistry is. After your child turns one or begins to develop a set of teeth you should schedule his or her fist dental visit. Cavities can develop in your children’s first few teeth and spread to their adult teeth, resulting in major oral development problems. Regular checkups should follow approximately every 6 months. Mass Dental Associates will use these visits to check in on your child’s brushing habits, offer oral hygiene tips, and make sure that your child’s adult teeth develop in a safe and normal way.

Mass Dental Associates recommend using dental sealants to help prevent teeth from decaying in younger children. Mass Dental Associates will routinely x-ray your child’s mouth in order to detect cavities and monitor the development of your child’s adult teeth. Caught early, cavities are easy to treat with a simple filling, ensuring your child’s smile stays bright and beautiful.


As your child begins to enter the bold and rebellious phase of their lives, their teeth can grow out-of-control. Dental braces are commonly used to correct crooked teeth and bring your child’s smile to perfection once they’re done shedding their baby teeth. There are a number of kinds of braces available on the modern market — from traditional colored brackets to space-age Invisalign. Your teenager’s wisdom teeth may be impacted or misplaced, causing pain, crowding and complications as they attempt to erupt from a gumline in the wrong spot. Your dentist might need to remove them to prevent further problems.

Both braces and tooth extractions are commonly handled by family dentists across the country. You may not need to see a specialist. Contact your local family dentist to find out more.

Teenagers have a lot on their minds. It’s easy for their dental hygiene habits to slip. Regular visits to the dentist are important to remove plaque and tartar. These visits can help remind them of the importance of good dental hygiene. Your teenager’s mouth is susceptible to tooth decay, potentially resulting in cavities, abscesses or gum disease. Catching these issues early is key to ensuring your teen maintains a beautiful smile.


While adults are vulnerable to the same sorts of tooth decay as teenagers, they’re even more likely to develop gum disease. The chance of being diagnosed with a gum issue only goes up as you age, making regular dental visits just as necessary. Your dentist may suggest scaling, root planing or even laser gum surgery in order to help treat issues like gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Your mouth undergoes constant wear and tear. Old fillings and dental implants need to be regularly checked for integrity to ensure your teeth don’t break. They might be replaced with dental inlays, dental crowns or dental onlays in order to ensure your continued oral health. Your family dentist will be experienced in replacing lost or broken teeth with dental implants and bridges. Finally, as you grow older, it’s important to be screened for oral cancer.

To accommodate your family members’ work and school schedules, you may have the option of scheduling all of your family’s dental appointments in one day! So call us at (617) 859-3939 to make an appointment for the whole family.

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