Dental Emergency

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency give us a call at 617-859-3939

Mass Dental Associates will always be there in case of a dental emergency even on the weekends.

Dental Care When You Need It Most

We have all had a sudden toothache that strike out of nowhere. It seems like there is nothing that we can do to quell the pain, so a trip to the dentist seems absolutely necessary.

Sometimes, pre-existing conditions can start generating more problems. A crown might fall out. A tooth might become loose during a scrimmage game. Whatever the reason for your emergency dental visit, we are here to help.

Our Emergency Dental Procedures

We strive to make you feel comfortable and happy with all of our dental services even during emergencies. Some of our emergency dental procedures include:

  • Crown replacement
  • Denture fittings
  • Partial fittings
  • Tooth bonding
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Restorative dentistry

If you are feeling any discomfort with your teeth, do not put your dental care off any longer. Give the Manhattan Dental Arts team a call so we can help you smile without pain today!

More Information About Emergency Dentistry

If you have any questions about our emergency dentistry procedures, then do not hesitate to contact Mass Dental Associates. We can further explain which dental procedures we can cover with our emergency services.

Mass Dental Associates wants you to always feel happy and confident with your smile. Learn how he can help you feel more comfortable with your smile now!

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