Family Dentist Boston: What Is Family Dentistry?

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Family Dentist Boston

Family Dentist Boston | When you are the parent of a very young child, there is no shortage of things to worry about: ensuring that your baby is happy and healthy, rearranging your life around incredibly busy schedules and missing sleep, as well as adapting to any number of unique situations.

As far as the oral health of your child goes, there is plenty of assistance available. And it all begins with their first visit with a family dentist Boston residents trust to protect their child’s teeth, mouth and gums.

Family dentistry oversees the oral health of the child from the time they are an infant until they reach adulthood. Your family dentist Boston is a custodian who maintains an ongoing record of your family’s dental care history.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Your family dentist Boston has the training and expertise to work with very young children. They will be as comfortable as possible within the confines of a dental office.

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Pediatric dentistry involves many of the same procedures that adults receive.

This includes:

  • Dental exams
  • Cleanings
  • Fillings
  • And more!

Your Child’s First Appointment

Children definitely pick up on the emotions of their parents. So be sure that you are calm and collected before gathering your child for their appointment.

The initial visit of a child typically involves simply talking with you and your child and conducting a brief visual inspection of their mouth and teeth.

It is helpful to bring along a toy to help prevent any fussiness. For example, a plush toy or small blanket can offer comfort.

Also, it helps to fill out any necessary forms before your child’s appointment to save time. Your family dentist Boston can forward these forms to you in advance.

Dental Checkup

Once both you and your child are comfortably seated, a simple dental exam can be performed to reveal any potential signs of problems. This gives your family dentist Boston a baseline of comparison in case any problems develop down the road.

For instance, a checkup and exam detects early signs of tooth decay.

One important aspect of an initial checkup for a child is a discussion of how to ensure that your child’s oral health is maintained. Aspects that may be touched upon are their eating habits and diet, as well as their oral hygiene routines at home to help guard against tooth decay.

Preventing tooth decay is a vitally important subject, particularly for children who may be at a greater risk of developing this common childhood condition. Detailed explanations can be given regarding treatments like fluoride if needed. Brushing and cleaning tips can also be gone over, and a follow-up visit is typically scheduled at this time.

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