5 Reasons to Close That Gap with Dental Implants Boston!

Dental Implants Boston

Dental Implants Are Best For Teeth Replacement

Replace your teeth with dental implants in Boston! Have doubts? Well, we’ve gathered the top 5 reasons you should consider dental implants. Sure, there are other options like bridges and dentures. But wouldn’t you want a permanent solution? You know – like a “set it and forget it” option? I would! So, check out the rest of this post and definitely share. You’ll be jumping in the band wagon soon!

On your mark, get set…“Wait! What’s a dental implant?”

Good question. Let’s review. Dental implants are titanium tooth roots that are permanently attached to the jaw bone. After the area heals, a dental crown is attached to completely restore your smile. This innovative technique offers the best solution for teeth replacement. But why? Here you go.

Smile Improvement

This one is easy and a little obvious. But really think about it. Not only does your smile look complete but replacing your teeth creates facial definition. Also, it helps you speak clearer. You won’t have to worry about loose teeth or forgetting to put them on. Your smile will be ready to shine 24/7.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Less teeth, less worry? Nope. Actually, missing teeth increases your chances of poor oral health. Yikes! Missing teeth allow tooth decay, plaque, and tartar to develop on the neighboring teeth. Usually, it’s difficult to clean those teeth thoroughly which makes them more susceptible to dental issues. Replace teeth with dental implants and decrease your chances of more dental work. You’ll actually save more money with this investment.

Lower CostsDental Implants Boston

Check your dental insurance. Most cover or partially cover dental implants. No insurance? You should still consider them. Other teeth replacement options may be more affordable upfront. However, replacing and adjusting these options end up costing more in the long run. Be savvy with your wallet and get dental implants instead.

Long Lasting

Dental implants can last up to 25 to 30 years. Sheesh! That’s like a mortgage! Why wouldn’t you want a tooth replacement with that length of commitment? This is definitely a relationship to consider. And, you’ll never be alone on Valentine’s Day again! Bye, bye Tinder.

Low Maintenance

If none of the other reasons grabbed your attention, this one will. Dental implants require nothing outside of your normal dental hygiene routine. Brush twice a day, floss, rinse and your done. Of course, visit us twice a year but that’s it! You already have so much to do everyday. Your teeth replacements shouldn’t be one of them.

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